Dr Tania Hingston, Dr Emily Price and Dr Kate Mitchell provide group obstetric care. Following referral from your GP, you will have an initial appointment with your chosen obstetrician, and one of our experienced midwives. We aim to have this appointment booked for between 6 – 10 weeks gestation. 

At your first visit, a pregnancy viability and dating ultrasound will be performed, to confirm your estimated due date, and track how your baby is growing. Your obstetrician will take a detailed medical, obstetric, psychological and social history, and formulate a care plan with you. This aims to identify risk factors for pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia, preterm birth, fetal growth restriction and gestational diabetes. 

Following your first appointment, we will arrange relevant investigations such as routine antenatal blood tests, nuchal translucency ultrasound and genetic and chromosomal screening tests. We provide valuable education resources, along with information about booking in to your chosen private hospital for birth. Your appointment ‘schedule’ will be created by one of our administration staff, and provided to you. 

During your pregnancy we will plan for you to meet all the Obstetricians in our practice for at least one visit. In Hobart, this service is unique to Eternal Women’s Health – with our aim being that the person who is there when you birth your baby, is someone you have met previously. This allows you to share any concerns or preferences you may have with the other specialists in your care team, so we can all work towards a positive birth experience. 



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